Everyone has a story to remember...

but not everyone has a chance to share it. At Zinnia, we bring generations together through storytelling by giving our grandparents a space to share their history.

Creating Communities

We are currently building a website to share the unheard stories and lessons of the older generations.

We hope that by providing a dedicated space for our seniors and their legacies, we can fight social isolation and reconnect them with their communities.

We're hitting the road!

Stories are found in all sorts of different places. We’re headed out on the road in our 1973 milk truck to collect stories from all over the US.

Have a great story to share, or know someone who does?
Send us an email at contact@zinnia.life and we’ll come to your town!

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We're a team of recent Stanford graduates based out of our 1973 Chevy milk truck. We are currently in Santa Fe, NM. Our passions include product design and software development of all sorts, music, writing, gardening, photography, cooking, surfing, woodworking and tinkering with anything we can.

We’re really excited to bring you Zinnia.

Our Amazing Advisors

Savannah Peterson Savvy Millennial, Shapeways, Forbes 30 Under 30
Harry Moody Retired Vice President and Director of Academic Affairs AARP, Chairman of the Board Road Scholar (ElderHostel)
Anousheh Ansari Co-Founder & CEO Prodea Systems, Cosmonaut

Got a question? Shoot us an email at: contact@zinnia.life

p.s. zinnia was formly known as rippl

We are excited to hear from you! Shoot us an email with any thoughts, suggestions, or questions!